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The Headless Horseman Halloween Annual Brings Together Creators for Spooky Stories at Dark Horse

The Headless Horseman Halloween Annual Brings Together Creators for Spooky Stories at Dark Horse

The Headless Horseman Halloween Annual Brings Together Creators for Spooky Stories at Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics has announced the Headless Horseman Halloween Annual which will bring together beloved creators to conjure up five horrifying stories for the publisher. The creators joining the ghastly annual issue will be Angela Slatter (Castle Full of Blackbirds), Lukas Ketner (Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter), Olivia Stephens (Darlin’ and Her Other Names), Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, The House), Christie Porter, Leah Kilpatrick, David Dastmalchian (Count Crowley), Valeria Burzo (Castle Full of Blackbirds)Tyler Crook (Harrow County), Frank Cvetkovic (The House), and more.

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Editor Megan Walker shares that this project has been a dream come true, saying: 

“Doing a Halloween-themed anthology has always been a dream of mine, and we were able to assemble a fantastic crew of creators to help carry out that vision. The book is full of fun, creepy, and iconic stories that will scare and delight readers, I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!”

Kilpatrick also shared that being able to work alongside the other creators has been a special experience, saying: 

“Being able to write Horror House with David was such a gift to my spooky heart and seeing Tyler’s beautiful artwork bring it all to life was something truly special. It’s such a treat to be able to be a part of an anthology series and when that series is about Halloween what more can you want!”

Dastmalchian added: 

“There is a controlled kind of magic in one-shot, anthological storytelling that follows a tradition of EC Comics, short films and even well-crafted jokes. Getting to collaborate with the amazing Leah Kilpatrick and one of my favorite artists, Tyler Crook, under Megan Walker’s guidance has been the perfect laboratory to cook up a twisted Halloween tale! 

If you’ve ever gotten lost while trick-or-treating, if writer’s block gives you a disproportionate sense of dread, if you won’t walk past that certain house down the road… just in case, if you have ever wondered why the new kid came to town or what could possibly make those spooky horror games even scarier, and especially if you think nothing can frighten you, this anthology is for you.”

All these creators have had a hand in delivering stories that haunt your bookshelf and now they come together for an anthology issue that will try to set the mood for the spookiest holiday of the year. No details have been released on what the stories will entail but if the title and cover is any indication, we can expect some iconic urban legends from these masterminds of horror. 

Headless Horseman Halloween Annual will feature 56 pages of haunting tales and will arrive at your favorite local comic shop and digitally on October 23, 2023, with variant covers by artists Mike Mignola(with colorist Dave Stewart) and Mark Spears

Check out the covers below: 

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

A variety geek who enjoys geeking out with friends over video games, comics, or movies/TV shows. An avid wrestling fan since the days of the Attitude Era and N64’s No Mercy, he now spends much of his time reading and collecting comics. All of my puns are intended.

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