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Guillermo del Toro Building His Own Monster Universe


Guillermo del Toro Building His Own Monster Universe According to Frankenstein Producer

Guillermo del Toro Building His Own Monster Universe According to Frankenstein Producer

Guillermo del Toro Building His Own Monster Universe According to Frankenstein Producer

J. Miles Dale, the producer of the upcoming horror film, Frankenstein, has said that Guillermo Del Toro’s second installment in the cinematic monster universe based on Mary Shelley’s gothic novel is set to expand into Guillermo del Toro building his own monster universe. Speaking to The Academy’s A. Frame, Dale said that these two films are “part of the new monster universe” and that del Toro had expressed his desire to adapt Frankenstein since 2008.

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Dale added that del Toro is very passionate about bringing a different approach to the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley with the film dealing with themes of family as well as tapping into the “deeply emotional” undertones of the tragic story.

“In the last couple of films, certainly with Nightmare Alley and then with Pinocchio, we’ve dealt with the whole father-son relationship. And Guillermo and I both lost our fathers in the last few years. When you have a strong father figure, it’s a big part of our lives.

This version of Frankenstein very much goes down that thematic road. So, I feel like this is the third film in Guillermo’s father trilogy. That’s exciting, and when you read the script, it’s very emotional and, of course, very iconic.”

According to a previous report, Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac, and Mia Goth are all on board to star in del Toro’s upcoming monster movie. The report did not provide details on the roles they will be playing or who will appear alongside them. while Dale teased that the film has “a pretty good cast” but did not give much more than that, saying:

“It’s a pretty good cast. We’ve had pretty good casts the last couple films. The last one was insane, frankly. I mean, that’s a pinch-me cast. And so was The Shape of Water cast. That’s another dream cast. I think there are a lot of actors that really want to work with Guillermo, and so that makes things a little bit easier.

So, it should be fun. Nothing’s easy, and that one’s not going to be easy — it’s a big movie with a ship stuck in the ice and a ton of other things — but we’ve got a little bit of lead time on it, and we’re excited to get going.”

miles davis guillermo del toro

Del Toro seems to have had plenty of time to create the narrative which will drive Frankenstein and looks to be the filmmaker’s next project along with some work in the pipeline with Netflix. Stay tuned as more information becomes available about the film and planned monster universe.

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