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Etheres: Journey Through the Afterlife in Upcoming One-Shot Comic

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Etheres: Journey Through the Afterlife in Upcoming One-Shot Comic

Etheres: Journey Through the Afterlife in Upcoming One-Shot Comic

Etheres: Journey Through the Afterlife in Upcoming One-Shot Comic

Source Point Press highlights Syrian author Anas Abdulhak and new artist/illustrator Dennis Menheere in their new one-shot, Etheres.  This beautiful comic is inspired by the threat of death faced by Abdulhak while living in Syria. It follows a woman as she journeys through the dangerous realm of the afterlife as she recalls her past, her trauma, and the meaning of death.

Anas Abdulhak Author Photo

Source Point Press’ description of Etheres reads:

“Following her passing, Valerie finds herself navigating a mysterious world known as Etheres– a realm where souls go when they don’t belong anywhere else. Valerie is accompanied by The Creature, a foreboding and taunting figure who guides her through this unknown realm. Valerie’s journey unfolds through poetic narration as she experiences her surroundings, recalling her past life, her trauma, and why she believes she deserves to be there.”

“This story is deeply personal for me as death has unfortunately been something I’m all too familiar with. Like many Syrians, I’ve had to deal with the loss of people we love. We’ve had to learn how to reckon with the looming threat of death, which inevitably brings up a lot of questions about the afterlife… What lies after, where we belong. Whether we’ve been good enough or if we’ve done enough.” ~ Anas Abdulhak

Comics often take us to new universes and introduce us to fictional worlds that we can escape to but rarely, do we see the blend of a fantasy world deeply rooted in the journey of the creator and their personal journey. This comic might just be one of the most important reads anyone embarks on this year and we are thankful to the creators for sharing their story.

Check out this beautiful one-shot Etheres at your favorite local comic shop on March 22, 2023.

Check out the preview below:

  • 1 Etheres Cover 1
  • Lettered 1
  • Lettered 2
  • Unlettered Etheres Preview 01
  • Unlettered Etheres Preview 02
  • Unlettered Etheres Preview 03
  • Unlettered Etheres Preview 04
  • Unlettered Etheres Preview 05

Source: Source Point Press

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1 Comment

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