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Skybound Reveals Covers for Duke #1 and Cobra Commander #1

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Skybound Reveals Covers for Duke #1 and Cobra Commander #1

Skybound Reveals Covers for Duke #1 and Cobra Commander #1

At the official Energon Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Skybound and Hasbro unveiled new cover art for its upcoming slate of titles that will jumpstart this new connected universe. The Energon Universe, a collaborative effort between the two companies, has already gained momentum with the reveal of the Transformers character Jetfire within the pages of Void Rivals #1 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici.

Duke #1, created by Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly, and Jordie Bellaire. This exciting tells a different story that delves into the origins of G.I. Joe and Cobra as they navigate a world grappling with the arrival of the Autobots and Decepticons. Follow Conrad S. Hauser (codename DUKE) as he investigates the mysteries of The Transformers, leading to the emergence of forces for good and evil that the world has never imagined.

And that’s just the beginning! Mark your calendars for January 2024 when Cobra Commander #1 hits the shelves. Created by Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana, and Annalisa Leoni, this comic takes place in an alternate reality where Cobra does not exist. Prepare for a thrilling tale as one man’s sinister plans to harness the immense power of the extraterrestrial substance Energon unleash chaos and shake the world to its core.

If you’re eager to dive into these amazing stories, you can pre-order your copies of Transformers #1, Duke #1, and Cobra Commander #1 at your favorite local comic shop. And don’t forget to grab Void Rivals #3 when it becomes available on August 16, 2023. The Energon Universe is expanding, and the excitement is only just beginning!

Check out the covers revealed below:

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

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