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Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Headed to Canada in 2023

Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Headed to Canada in 2023

Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Headed to Canada in 2023

Kashamara Productions, in collaboration with Overlook Events and Toei Animation, will be bringing the official concert, Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure to fans in Canada in 2023. The officially licensed experience will be able to experience original music from the hit anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The concert will not only feature music from the series but fans will also get the opportunity to watch the fan-favorite storylines from the anime unfold on screen throughout the concert.

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The concert experience was created and produced by Overlook Events to give fans a one-of-a-kind experience that originated in France in 2018. This experience spawned as part of a transcontinental tour that celebrated 30 years of Dragon Ball across Europe. The concert will feature live vocals from the original singer of the Dragon Ball series, Hiroki Takahashi. Some of the popular songs fans can expect to take part in during the concert will be “Cha-La-Head-Cha-La”, “We Gotta Power”, “Makafushigi Adventure”, and many more!

The announcement today begins the steps forward toward the iconic event coming to Canada and tickets will be available for purchase on December 2nd, 2022 through Ticketmaster. If you would like a shot at snagging presale tickets, the presale goes live on November 28th, 2022. The concert event will be making stops in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver but stay tuned for future cities and dates to be announced in the future.

This definitely will give fans a unique experience for one of the greatest anime series of our time. As we get ready to sing along with our friends both current and new! We eagerly await for more information on the concert which should prove to have a power level of over 9000!!!!!

Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Headed to Canada in 2023

Source: Kashamara Productions

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