Trailer For THE SLEEPLESS UNREST – This Documentary Explores the House That Inspired THE CONJURING.

The Sleepless Unrest

Creepy trailer here for a new ghost-hunting documentary titled The Sleepless Unrest. This documentary features a team that investigates the actual haunted house that inspired director James Wan’s horror film The Conjuring.

Synopsis for the film:

The haunted house that inspired the Conjuring films has recently been sold and is now open to paranormal investigations. A small group of close friends is invited to move in and document a real haunted house for two weeks.

Filmmakers Vera and Kendall Whelpton, along with their paranormal investigator friends Richel Stratton and Brian Murray immerse themselves deep into the experience.

With hopes of capturing real paranormal evidence day and night, the team will investigate and document the house best known for a seance gone wrong, with a possible demonic possession.

Do spirits still haunt this home or is it something more sinister?

The Sleepless Unrest opens in theaters and on digital and VOD on July 16th.

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