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A Silent Night by Justin Richards

What it is: A Comic Zine About Mental Health. A comic zine about learning to live with depression and anxiety, featuring some of today’s top comic talent.

What’s included:

It’s a 16 page, variety, comic zine featuring:

  •  Five (5) page comic story written by Justin Richards with art by Gavin Guidry (Going to the Chapel, Deadly Living) and colors by Val Halvorson (Finger Guns, The Sequels)
  •  Five (5) pinup images from some of the best artists in the industry today! Including Daniel Warren Johnson (Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, Murder Falcon, Extremity), Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy, TRVE KVLT), Val Halvorson (Finger Guns, The Sequels), Megan Hutchison (Rockstars, Devil’s AdvoCATES), and Chris Koehler (Legend from Z2 Comics, Mondo)
  •  Two (2) original poems by Brent Fisher and Justin Richards
  •  One (1) original “Sad Lib” activity by Justin Richards
  •  Six (6) affirmation cards written by Justin Richards and designed by Aviva Mai Artzy (
  •  One (1) letter page from Justin Richards to you the reader!

Are there additional rewards?

Most definitely!! Everything from back issues of Finger Guns (all signed by Justin Richards!), 5″ x 7″ prints of our pinups and a GLOW IN THE DARK enamel pin designed by Val Halvorson!

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The Zombie Game by Pablo Exequiel Ayala, Emily McGuiness, & Dan Bridges


What it is: A full length, zombie, horror, graphic novel inspired by the best of the horror genre.

What’s included: A fully finished, 134 page, full-color, graphic novel is a perfect marriage of our love of horror and comics! We’re all as much fans of Night of the Living Dead, as we are of Marie Severin’s work at EC comics. We cheered through Train to Busan (no way it needs a remake) and felt our heart beat faster watching 28 Days Later. THE ZOMBIE GAME is all that love of horror and comics, distilled into a story about outcasts and broken people just like us. 

Are there additional rewards? Plenty of add-ons in addition to these fun tiers.

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Stan Lee’s Backchannel Volume 1 by  Stan Lee, Tom Akel and Andie Tong

What it is: Backchannel was a webcomic created by the late Stan Lee that ran online from 2018-2019 and amassed 150k subscribers. With material that has never been released and the story complete, the teams at POW! Entertainment and Rocketship are bringing the webcomic to print with new material over the course of 3 volumes. And we’re bringing back the webcomic as well, which will be completely free. 

What’s Included: All backers at the $24 tier will receive the softcover Volume 1 graphic novel (featuring chapters 1 through 12 of the webcomic, never before seen chapters, as well as 40 pages of new material), printed at 6.25″x10.25″ with an anti-scratch matte finish and spot UV – approximately 130 pages of content.

Are there additional rewards?

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APEX #1: By Benjamin Cook, Clovisbatebola, and Chuck Pineau

What it is: At first glance, Mohini looks like a sexy young deviant making a living as a bartender at a fetish bar… but things are not as they seem. She sees in the dark, hears like a cat, and smells like a bloodhound. Her mouth is full of razor-sharp canines. She is faster, stronger, smarter, and more capable than we will ever be.

And we’re her favourite food.

APEX is a story about humans, animals, and the strange and wonderful places where the lines blur between them. This inaugural issue will introduce you to the urban ecosystem of Sector J and its deviant creatures, and give you a glimpse into the mind of a predator.

This story is just beginning – the first arc is planned for five issues – and we promise you a tale that is as gripping as it is gruesome. We don’t want to give too much away, but I assure you: this comic isn’t your standard chewable-vitamin, good-and-evil power fantasy. An investment in APEX is an investment in something both beautiful and terrifying, just like Nature herself, and we won’t disappoint.

What’s Included: 25 pages of sci-fi noir in the ghetto of the future…

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Dragons by the Yard #5: by Kelly Swails, Paola Amormino, and Laurie Foster

What it is: This is the story of Anna, a woman who handcrafts all things dragon and sells them at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet in Pasadena, California.

What’s included: Issue #5 of of Dragons by the Yard

Additional rewards? PDF’s and print copies of the comic, but we have a number of novel dragon-themed rewards for you, too. For instance, we’ve got a variety of Dragon Lamps that make an excellent accent for a bookshelf or maybe a night light for your bedroom.

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What it is: Meet Taylor Hart. She was born a seer, which means that she can look at a person and see their future. All of her life, it’s been both a gift and a curse. She wishes she could control it… but now, she’s found a way to use her gift to help others.

While attempting to grow a strain of marijuana that could help her control her visions, she ended up creating a strain that helps regular people see what she sees.

The future.

What’s Included: SMOKE WEED, SEE THE FUTURE is a 70+ page graphic novel written by me, PAT SHAND, writer/creator of Destiny NY & Snap Flash Hustle, illustrated by superstar artist YISHAN LI (Buffy, Hellboy, Swing, Sugar), with a bonus comic by comics legend JENN ST-ONGE, who also contributed an incredible variant cover.

Are there additional rewards?

  • the graphic novel itself
  • the chance to get drawn into the book
  • behind-the-scenes PDF
  • signed bookplate
  • and more!

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Through the Labyrinths of the Mind by Cloudscape Comics

What it is: All over the world, millions of people experience a wide range of mental health issues – depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and more. Sadly, their struggles are often ignored and misunderstood, even mocked. Through the Labyrinths of the Mind is a graphic novel anthology from Cloudscape Comics that gives these issues a voice, presenting 11 stories about mental health from a wide range of comic creators.

What’s Included: The book will be 6″x9″ and approximately 115 pages long with a softcover. It will be printed on natural-toned enviro-paper in stark black & white to capture the stark experiences of the contributors. Its matte cover is designed by Simpsons/Sparks! cartoonist Space Coyote (Nina Matsumoto), and presents an unfolding labyrinth in which the reader can wander to visit the psyche of each cartoonist. Each individual story is introduced through the discovery of a new room of the labyrinth — illustrated by Witching Hours creator Hannah Myers — in which can be found a unique object of special significance.

Are there additional rewards?

The EBookThe Physical BookThe Deluxe PackThe Retailer TierThe Editor EditionThe Mega Library: Ebook EditionThe Mega Library: Physical Edition

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