Exclusive Interview: Comedy writer James Breakwell talks to us about his new book that touches on what it really means to be a man.

James Breakwell

Comedy writer James Breakwell talked to us about his new book ‘How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means): Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable Source.’ Breakwell has made a name for himself by having one of the most followed comedy social media accounts out there (@XplodingUnicorn). By sharing his family humor of his day-to-day experiences as an amateur father of four girls as he explains, his account went viral in 2016 and has led James on a path of comedy writing and social media fame.

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“often, the lessons on manhood in this book conflict with each other. That’s ok. My definition of manhood is constantly evolving as I grow older and wiser.”

— James Breakwell

Breakwell spoke to us about his new comedy book “How To Be A Man…” his new book talks about the many different wrong ways to be a man and his personal experience in discovering many of those wrong ways. The book is tailored as a comedic take on a real take of what it means to be a man, and how society measures it. Breakwell does what he does best, by bruising readers’ ribs with his personal experiences and thoughts on the topic. The crazy family stories that we all can relate to with the ups and downs of our life is something that everyone can relate to.

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“There’s no one right way to be a man, but there are countless wrong ones, and I’ve dabbled in most of them over the course of my life”

— James Breakwell

How to be a man (whatever that means) is a book that will have you hooked from beginning to end and have you cracking up along the way. So many relatable topics and great tips on what should be the lessons picked up in these real-life situations. This book is a book that anyone can pick up and relate to and walk away with a deeper understanding of life situations that can be used as opportunities for growth and give us a better understanding on the path to not only being a better man, but a better person. Check out our interview with James Breakwell below:

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