Insomniac Games WOLVERINE Will Be Full-Size Game With A Mature Tone – More hints on what to expect from Insomniac’s PS5 exclusive superhero game.

Insomniac Games WOLVERINE Will Be Full-Size Game With A Mature Tone

Just a few days ago Insomniac Games brought down the house at the PlayStation Showcase by revealing not only a standalone game featuring Wolverine but also Spider-Man 2 that will reunite Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they take on some villains together including possibly Venom.

Although we only got a teaser trailer that did not show much, we are now getting bits of information emerging that will shed light on what we can expect from Insomniac’s new superhero game for the PlayStation 5.

Some of the biggest questions have been the size of the game, fans wondered if we would be getting a full-on experience as we did with Spider-Man or if it would be in a smaller capacity like we saw in the Miles Morales entry.

Creative Director Brian Horton addressed that point in the kind of short and to-the-point tweet that would make Logan proud.

“Full size, mature tone,” Horton replied.

It’s brief, but hey it’s to the point. Even with the ambitious tackling of Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, I think this shows that Insomniac is not going to treat any of these titles like a middle child and they both will be a priority. The mature tone is something that might be of interest to fans as Wolverine is not known for talking down situations with thugs or villains and things tend to get gruesome and bloody when he is around, so hearing that this carries a mature tone bodes well for both for gameplay and what kind of story arc we might be getting. Now, we may not be getting a full-blown mature rating on the title, but definitely safe to say we will be getting some of the grit we know and love from Logan.

It should fall in the vein of the tone we got from the previous Spider-Man titles and if this does well, we definitely could see ourselves enjoying the beginning of the studio’s Marvel Gaming Universe and that can lead to some absolutely insane games down the line for some characters that might be due for the video game treatment.

Marvel’s Wolverine is still “very early in development” and we could possibly not expect to see it until the holiday season in 2023. Marvel’s Wolverine does not yet have a release window. It is under development for PlayStation 5.

Source: Brian Horton/Twitter


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