Groove Life Is Bringing You Some Marvel Style Just In Time For The Holidays

Groove Life Is Bringing You Some Marvel Style Just In Time For The Holidays

Groove Life has released a line of Marvel-themed accessories that will have you looking like a superhero worthy of Mjolnir. With the holidays quickly approaching, we will be dropping some great finds that we think will be a great gift for your favorite geek and this line of Marvel accessories hits the spot. If you are anything like me, I love to wear my fandom, whether it be t-shirts, caps, belts, or basically anything I can find that shows off the fandoms I love. Groove Life is helping us do just that with this pretty rad line of items they are putting out in collaboration with Marvel.

With some of Marvel‘s favorite heroes, and the entire Avengers team assembled, you can find some cool gear to add to your collection. Whether it’s Black Panther and his pride of Wakanda, the mighty Thor, and his Asgardian might, Iron Man and well, he’s freaking Iron Man, Spider-Man and his friendly neighborhood style, America’s hero himself Captain America, or the “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” himself, Incredible Hulk, and of course, all of these heroes combined make the superhero team we all know and love, The Avengers. Check out the different styles and gear available at Groove Life below and ASSEMBLE!

You can find all this gear on the Groove Life website below:

The Avengers

Avengers Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • AvengersBeltView1.1175 7f5458f9 4233 4f47 8ef3

Incredible Hulk

Hulk Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • HulkBeltView1.1182 10592104 e96a 4804 b024

Captain America

Cap Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • CapBeltView1.1176 c9d810e9 b3e4 48dd bac6


SpiderMan Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • SpiderManBeltView1.1179 bc25bace f3c4 4233 82ab

Iron Man

Iron Man Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • IronManBeltView1.1178 a738a393 a14c 4523 8f13


Thor Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • ThorBeltView1.1180 2dff8273 5f03 41a2 9360

Black Panther

Black Panther Block Desktop ringbelts 1512x

  • BlackPantherBeltView1.1177 b5d7adc4 0303 4118 93fa

Source: Groove Life

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