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Welcome everyone to Dead Rooster. The podcast is dedicated to horror films we consider to be more obscure and less talked about and we also dive into horror games that we absolutely love. We will bring along guests every now and then for this journey as we give these films and games our review, talk a bit about the lore they are based on, and give them our very own Roostermeter rating.

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The Sadness – The most F****d up movie that you will ever see. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Dead Rooster

Welcome back for another round of Dead Roosters, the podcast that watches the scary and disturbing films for you, so you won't have to. This one in particular was a real challenge. We would like to start by warning you that the film itself is VERY mature and if you have any triggers of sexual violence, you may want to avoid this one. Very mature rating on this particular episode and apologies for any ignorant things said, we don't know how to act like humans.  To sum up 'The Sadness', the film follows a couple who is attempting to reunite and also survive a plague that turns those infected into sadistic, violent sadists that give in to their worse impulses. The film is very graphic, and very gory, and to say it touches on mature tones is putting it lightly. The film certainly gives fans some of the classic plague film, gory good times but this is a film that will take a really strong stomach to make it through. If you are curious but don't want to endure the torture of watching this yourself, then listen to us discuss in probably more detail than we should have. Plus, some fun facts about the production of the film sprinkled in that are probably equally disturbing. Enjoy and thank you for listening. Drop any film suggestions or questions in the comments and as always, hit that subscribe button and drop us a review to let us know how we are doing!  For our guide to the geek entertainment news you love. Created for geeks, by geeks. Visit us at — Support this podcast:
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