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Welcome everyone to Dead Rooster. The podcast is dedicated to horror films we consider to be more obscure and less talked about and we also dive into horror games that we absolutely love. We will bring along guests every now and then for this journey as we give these films and games our review, talk a bit about the lore they are based on, and give them our very own Roostermeter rating.

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Wendigo's, psychos and Wheredigo to survive the night – A breakdown of Until Dawn Dead Rooster

Welcome back to another episode of Dead Rooster! This time we sit down and break down the Supermassive Games award-winning horror game 'Until Dawn.' We go into everything from what the game is about, what happened during Kristin's (Geek Network) and Daniel's (Geek Elite Media) most recent playthrough and throw in some fun facts about the game, some questions to get the gears turning on what we would do in the world of Until Dawn and we break down the backstory and lore of the Wendigo. We also announce what our next review will be and this is one we are VERY excited about! We hope you enjoy the episode and as always, we appreciate any reviews or comments to let us know what you love, what you hate, and what scares ya!  UNTIL DAWN AVG Dead Rooster Rating: 9 — Support this podcast:
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  2. The Old Ways: Can't teach an old Brujo new tricks

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