Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer has arrived and with we have some new and returning exotics.

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For those collectors out there that can’t wait to get there hands on the spoils of this season’s events. Here’s the gear you can look forward to for those Guardians looking to complete their challenges.

Here’s a breakdown:

Cryosthesia 77K 

  • LN2 Burst
    • Variable trigger, tap to trigger normally, hold to charge a special Stasis shot
      • Charged shot is ready to fire when Liquid Cooling is active

Star-Eater Scales Legs – Hunter

s14 armaments carousel 3
  • Allows for Hunters to absorb Orbs of Power to charge their Super faster and increase damage

Path of Burning Steps Legs – Titan

s14 armaments carousel 4
  • Converts Solar kills to boost weapon damage and provides resistance to Stasis (good for PvP)

Boots of the Assembler Legs – Warlock

s14 armaments carousel 5
  • Condenses rift into projectiles to boost nearby allies

Hidden Exotic Weapon – Vex Mythoclast, Fusion Rifle

  • The return of the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle isn’t unexpected due to the Vault of Glass raid’s return, but the Untold Tale weapon ornament confirmed the return

There will be two Exotic perks for the Mythoclasts arrival. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Timeless Mythoclast
    • Fusion rifle shoots off a single bolt for each trigger hit
  • Temporal Unlimiter
    • Continious shots build up Overcharge, hold down trigger for higher damage output 

There is also a Catalyst tied to this weapon’s return that adds the Calculated Balance park, which stacks Overcharge to improve stability.

There you have it geeks, although we will be seeing more exotics most likely drop throughout the event, we have plenty to look forward to as of now along with legendary weapons to collect as well.

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