Exclusive Interview: AJ Buchtel is Bringing eSports to the Desert Southwest.

AJ Buchtel is Bringing eSports to the Desert Southwest

Arizona Wester College has started a new eSports program on their campus in Yuma, AZ. The new program that is available to full-time students has opened up a new avenue that will allow those passionate about competitive gaming to come together and pursue those passions. During our conversation with AJ, he also talked about how the program provides valuable life skills such as communication that can really help students as they work through their final years of schooling before entering the full adulthood of pursuing a career. AJ also showed us how passionate he is about the community, being from the small Arizona town, I can resonate with the love of our growing hometown and his plans to involved and give to the community are admirable.

AWC’s eSports program is currently recruiting talent as they work to build their rosters for their teams. On top of all of this, AJ and the eSports program is going to be having some great things going on during this year’s YumaCon event. If you are a fan of gaming and can manage to make it to YumaCon, you can expect some really great setups from AJ and the eSports gang. Listen to our full interview with AJ Buchtel and be sure to follow the Matador eSports team on social media in the links below. If you have any interest of joining the team, then reach out to coach Buchtel by emailing him at Arnold.Buchtel@azwestern.edu.

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