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Geek Network – Your guide to the geek entertainment news you love. Created for geeks, by geeks.

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What is Geek Network

Geek Network is an independent entertainment news publisher and podcast hosting platform. Our goal is to provide geeks a place to stay up-to-date on all mediums of geek-centric entertainment in one place. We take pride in providing news that has been confirmed from verifiable sources and all publications are aimed to inform our readers. Our main goal has always been to create a network for all fans of entertainment to enjoy being part of Geek Network in a safe judgment-free environment where you can geek out.

Meet the Team

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Managing Editor

Releasing November 2022

Geek Network

Ron Hamilton

A self-proclaimed cannabis geek
who enjoys podcasts, and gaming with his friends. Loves talking comics, D&D, manga, and anime. A self-taught hand poke tattoo artist specializing in retro cartoon art who grew up fueled on 90s Cartoon Network classics. A believer in other dimensions and life on other planets.

Currently playing: Call of Duty, Warzone, Fortnite, Fall Guys Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links
Currently watching: lots of anime, House of dragons, lots of YouTube JDM car stuff, critical role first campaign and third campaign

About Us

Jackie Daytona

A variety geek who enjoys geeking out with friends over video games, comics, or movies/TV shows. An avid wrestling fan since the days of WWE No Mercy, he now spends much of his time reading and collecting comics.

Currently playing: Elden Ring, Cooking Simulator, Madden 23 & Fortnite

Currently watching: She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, House of Dragons, Trigun & Overlord.

Geek Network - Your guide to the geek entertainment news you love. Created for geeks, by geeks.

Jesse Alvarado Content Creator

Dabbles in many different geeky genres. Has a long list of manga and anime that he is working his way through but keeps adding to it like a fool. Enjoys reading fun comics and watching Movies/TV. Always ready to jump on some video games and play with friends.

Currently, playing: Shadow of War, Fortnite, and Yakuza Like a Dragon Currently Watching: Overlord, Kingdom, Yowamushi Pedal, Hero? I quit that a long time ago, Inuyasha, Breaking Bad, and Vikings

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